Windows 10

1,000,000,000 Devices will be running Windows 10 by 2018

For the next ten years until 2025 there will be no further versions beyond Windows 10. It is a significant improvement on Windows 8 and has received glowing reviews. Instead of adding a host of complicated features it’s designed to simplify, creating a shared user interface from smartphones, tablets all the way up to PC’s.

Quick facts

  • Windows 10 Upgrade is free until July 29th 2016 if you’re currently using Windows 7 or 8 (Vista and XP aren’t eligible for the free upgrade).
  • If you haven’t upgraded by then it will cost £189. 
  • Risk Free - If you don’t like it, you can roll it back to your previous version within 30 days.
  • Its future proofed and will be the standard version until 2025 with full support.
  • Runs faster on older machines and will be the standard Operating System across Phones, Laptops and Tablets. 
  • It will stretch the shelf life of current PC’s to five/six years.
  • Staff will be used to it due to upgrading their home systems free of charge.
  • File searches, security and encryption are greatly improved.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Office 365.

Windows 10 is the future one way or another. Windows 7 mainstream support ended 01/2015 and Windows 8 mainstream support will end in 2018.

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