Phone System Support & Engineering


Phone System Support & Engineering

SynergyPlus have been providing clients with enterprise-class communication strategies since deregulation changed the face of telecoms in the early 1980’s. Having experienced the migration from Analogue to Digital in early 1990’s and the onset of IP in the early 2000’s SynergyPlus are best placed to advise you on how IP technologies, and Unified Communications, are radically changing the way that businesses communicate.

SynergyPlus’ maintenance service will help you avoid the cost of replacing a poorly performing system, minimising the risk of any system downtime and sweat the investment in your equipment until you are ready to upgrade it.

We deliver a range of flexible support agreements; fully aligned with your business’ operating hours and response requirements, across a wide range of manufacturers and models, 24/7/365 locally and on a global level.

Phone System Support

Support for End-of-Life Phone Systems

SynergyPlus offer on-going maintenance support for obsolete telephone systems. We have trained technicians and large levels of post production stock to ensure the life of your system is extended and therefore not forcing you to upgrade before you are ready.

Support FAQs

  • What percentage do you achieve on your successful response times? The overall average of 97-98% is achieved successfully on all response times.
  • What are the different levels of responses you have? There are 4 hour, 8 hour, 16 hour and 24 hours response times. If you wish to upgrade your level of cover please simply telephone our Customer Service Centre on be 0800 915 6666, email, or contact your account manager.
  • What does the 'response' mean? This is the number of working hours that we will take to respond to your call. We may respond either by remotely interrogating your telephone system or by sending a technician to site.
  • What percentages of faults are normally cleared remotely? Our internal technical support team clears 79% of our faults remotely.
  • What happens if the problem is a carrier / network fault? A service call will be logged and our Customer Service Centre will carry out an initial fault investigation. If this turns out to be a carrier or network fault we will liaise with your network provider to resolve the problem.
  • What number do I call if I need some advice on a system? Simply telephone our Customer Service Centre on be 0800 915 6666, email, or contact your account manager.
  • What number do I call for additional equipment or cabling? Simply telephone our Customer Service Centre on be 0800 915 6666, or email
  • What number do I call for remote programming work? If you have remote diagnostics on your system, please email the required programming to our Customer Service Centre on who will arrange for the work to done. Once the email is received, the programming will be done within 3 working days but usually overnight to be ready for the next morning.
  • What happens if we add equipment to our telephone system? A supplementary contract will be set up detailing the additional equipment which will be added to your maintenance agreement and a change in your annual cost.
  • How do I register a change of company name or address? We require written confirmation of these changes so we can update our records to avoid any disruption in service levels or correspondence. Please forward all correspondence either by email or post to the Customer Service Department however if you wish to speak a member of the team please call 0800 915 6666.
  • What is B.E.A.M.A? B.E.A.M.A is an abbreviation for "The Federation of British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Associations". This is an independent organisation, which produces indices which reflect the increases in salary occurring in the sector in which SynergyPlus’ technicians operate. Year on year, the maintenance charge will be uplifted by B.E.A.M.A indices, which are normally between 4% and 6%.
  • Can I pay half yearly or quarterly payments on my annual maintenance cost? SynergyPlus are happy to offer half yearly or quarterly payment terms via Direct Debit.
  • How do I obtain a copy of my contract? If you would like a copy of your contract please put a request to the Contracts Department either by email


Our team of telephone maintenance and installation engineers are often highly trained ex-development technical support engineers; having worked for some of the best known manufacturers. Once a phone system is placed on cover with SynergyPlus, our Operations Department Personnel and Maintenance Engineers will be on constant call to keep your business communications running smoothly and efficiently.

If you are interested in having an informal chat around how we can help your business meet its strategic objectives, please call 0800 915 6666 or contact us.