SynergyPlus Reduce Call Costs For Marketform Group Ltd

Case study - October 2014


Marketform is a specialist Lloyd’s Managing Agency, providing tailor-made insurance solutions to multiple industries around the world. Founded in 1989, the company’s success has been due to the strong technical skills of its underwriters and passion for client service.

The challenge

Identifying a need for consistency and reliability within their current telephony and data service, Marketform were keen to explore options that would facilitate this, and understand the after-care service they would receive. The key objective was to reduce business line rental costs, including: ISDN30 (digital phone line), analogue line rentals and local, mobile and international call costs.

Existing systems

Marketform were using Cisco Call Manager communications platform, which provides services such as voice, video, messaging and web conferencing. Following an internal review seeking improvements, Marketform decided to restructure their telephony systems. Lines that were previously looked after by the facilities team were now IT’s responsibility to manage and improve.

The Synergy solution

SynergyPlus were awarded the contract in March 2013, after a full market search was completed by Marketform and showed that Synergy Plus provided highly competitive rates and savings far in excess of existing services. In April 2013, SynergyPlus seamlessly, and without any downtime, migrated Marketform’s BT services to the SynergyPlus platform. Further savings were sought by analysing and cancelling services that were no longer used or necessary.


SynergyPlus maintain a strong focus on client satisfaction and attaining feedback. David Gissinger, head of IT at Marketform, said: “Having worked on many outsourced projects over the years this was by far the best executed; with responses being prompt and information accurate.”

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