Business Print Audit

Most UK businesses drastically under estimate their total cost of ownership when it comes to document production. SynergyPlus frequently visit clients with large arrays of devices from different manufacturers, each with different print costs associated with them.

The Importance of Efficient Print Solutions

  • Reprographics is the third highest cost in most companies (Gartner).

  • 10% to 15% of company revenue is spent on reprographics (numerous analysts).

  • 14,000 businesses in Europe were sampled: few we able to calculate their repro spend.


This situation has arisen because a structured procurement of these services is rarely in place:

  • Photocopiers are centrally funded through facilities.

  • Desktop printers and scanners are funded by IT.

  • But high-volume print production is funded through facilities.


Many organisations are forced to hold a large stock of toners and other consumables for their range of equipment each of which takes up valuable office real estate and involves hours spent administering different contracts, invoices and suppliers.

Many organisations do not have visibility on the various volumes of print and copy their business produces on a daily / monthly / yearly basis.  With no consolidated insight into output volumes a business cannot make informed decisions regarding predicted annual spend and more importantly cannot pro-actively seek to improve any in-efficiencies that may exist within their document production solution.

Print Solutions from SynergyPlus

SynergyPlus Print assist clients - both new and existing - to examine current printing, copying and distribution levels. Utilising a consultative approach we assist the business in finding efficiencies though analysis of current output and toner spend.

By working together we can highlight key areas for improvement which determine those all important cost savings to the business. By developing a robust ‘integrated’ document systems strategy, encompassing the business' existing estate, we are also able to identify key areas where increased staff productivity can be an important consideration.

The jointly agreed print strategy will allow all relevant software utilities, support procedures and supplies processes to be considered to achieve the project objectives which in essence are:

  • Significant cost reductions from 15% to 40% off current Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Improved business efficiency for administration, support and management functions.
  • Increased user productivity and effectiveness.
  • Better environmental working practices.


Some of the biggest areas of wastage and unnecessary spend in enterprises are uncollected print jobs and people unnecessarily printing colour documents.
People print documents and forget to collect them, they send them to the wrong printer, or they keep trying to print a document when the printer is temporarily offline, resulting in multiple copies. Estimates indicate that 30% of the paper and toner costs are spent on printouts that are never used. By implementing the correct intelligent software we can streamline the amount of wastage in both consumables and time to create a more cost effective and productive working environment.
"PrintPlus' workflow audit will give your business total insight into your document production activities.  Our trained Business Solution Consultants utilise the very latest technologies to record, analyse and report on a wealth of information including the all important volumes and resultant costs. Armed with the findings of a thorough print and workflow audit we are able to suggest areas for improvement be it consolidation of desktop printers into multi-functional devices or the addition of software designed to control costs or improve workflow.
The process is painless and causes next to no disruption to your network and with the promise of an in-depth picture into your current document production activity coupled with potential and often significant cost savings you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.