Printer Upgrades & Exchanges

With the rapid advances in document systems technology, the rate at which clients are looking to replace their equipment is increasing. As a fully independent supplier, we are able to assist clients with their requirements and are able to work with all main manufacturer products.

We can replace existing equipment for refurbished or ex-demonstration equipment via "Part Exchange" and provide a cash value against existing owned machines. The value we assign to your existing estate of old equipment will in almost every case be greater than the net book value it has to our client as business equipment typically depreciates at a far faster rate than simple straight line depreciation.

In this way, our clients achieve fantastic value for money and are able to acquire up to date technology at lower cost. To obtain information about part exchange of your existing equipment, please follow the link below:

Part Exchange

Where our prospective clients have a finance arrangement on existing devices, be it under a lease, lease rental, rental, hire purchase, managed service or some other variation, we can offer the latest equipment via a cost effective "Upgrade" which, in many situations, is supported by manufacturer pricing support to update old equipment - therefore providing a cost effective upgrade path for legacy equipment as part of our overall business print solutions.
Key objectives being to achieve reduced Total Cost of Ownership and update old technology with new whilst resolving outstanding liabilities in current contracts. If you'd like to investigate your options please take a moment to complete the following details Upgrade.