60+ Workstations, VOIP And Data Provision, Turnkey Solution


  • Cisco Call Manager call handling
  • Exponential-e 100mb bearer Fibre Leased Line
  • Fully managed Firewall
  • Layer 2 VLAN to BT IPVS SIP Trunks for calls
  • ISDN30 backup with auto failover, for VOIP resilience
  • Upgrade of existing Cat5e Structured Cabling
  • Supply and install of new HP desktop hardware



SynergyPlus are proud to add Gain Capital Inc.to their list of high profile clients, following the recent acquisition of Galvan Research & Trading by Gain, a SynergyPlus client for over 10 years.

Gain required a one-stop-shop managed solution for a new data link for internet connectivity, enterprise-class firewall protection for the network, cost effective telephony, desktop PC workstations and Cat5 network cabling for the new site in Truro, Cornwall.

A competitive tender was conducted, and SynergyPlus were chosen as the preferred supplier to design and deliver the infrastructure and provide SLA support thereafter.


The SynergyPlus Provisioning team worked with Gain to help them define their exact requirements, agree scope and timescale and arrive at a detailed and precise Statement of Works for the project, including all the relevant costs both at implementation and ongoing - to ensure Gain were fully aware of exactly what they were getting for their investment, and there were no “surprises” or unexpected spend further down the line.

A full structured cabling test was conducted on the existing infrastructure allowing for addition lines to be added accordingly. A SynergyPlus Project Manager then oversaw the install of the desktop PCs, Leased Line, Firewall and Cisco phone handsets - with virtually zero disruption on their day to day operations.


Once data lines were in place and ISDN backup circuits tested for failover, the Cisco Call Manager platform was configured to the customer’s specification, working closely with their US-based team to ensure no calls are ever missed. Staff were then inducted on use of the new system, and the site was successfully brought on stream in mid-2015.

At implementation, a Service Level Agreement commenced providing Gain with an up time guarantee of 99.997% on their voice and data systems, as well as a regular account management and service review meetings, and an escalation point available 24x7 should the need ever arise.

Since launch, the site has not experienced any downtime whatsoever, and SynergyPlus are in the process of planning for the deployment of over 60 additional workstations as Gain scales up its’ operations. This upsizing has been made considerably easier by the use of future-looking technologies which can be “turned up” or down on demand with Gain’s needs.


  • 100Mb Fibre Optic Leased Line installed and provisioned
  • VOIP Telephony delivers calls to Cisco Handsets
  • NTE and Firewall supply and install
  • Cat5 data cabling, and power circuits deployed around site
  • Managed call billing solution, with self-service portal, reporting and analytics on usage
  • Full 24x7 helpdesk support via Synergy’s Service Desk, plus dedicated account manager
  • Proactive monitoring technology alerts service providers instantly in the event of an incident

Key benefits

  • Fully managed solution – from design to implementation to billing
  • Latest technology connectivity provides extremely high resilience and scalability
  • Complete backup lines and auto-failover to mitigate any loss of service during an outage
  • Cost of calls to UK and abroad greatly reduced compared to traditional telephony
  • Future scalability built in; Gain can expand and contract as needed

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