Ethernet In The First Mile

SynergyPlus offer state of the art EFM services, delivering highly reliable Internet connections with speeds of up to 20mbps.

Working with “best of breed” EFM providers including Exponential-e, Talk Talk Business and BT Wholesale you can be assured of a quality, robust product with a competitive price and full project management from start to finish.

EFM is a natural, cost effective upgrade to the now obsolete SDSL product offering speeds in the region of ten times quicker for less cost.

The EFM Difference

EFM differs from a traditional leased line in that it does not use fibre to connect to the local exchange and instead uses bundles of copper pairs which are more resilient and easier to install as most UK offices already have copper connectivity. Business Data Line costs can be consolidated into one service reducing expenditure and consolidating suppliers. Using a first mile Internet solution, speeds are symmetrical with both uploads and downloads going at the same speed, unlike a broadband connection where speeds can fluctuate.

The Advantages of Ethernet in the First Mile for your Business

Speed and Resilience
EFM is an Ethernet based product that is delivered using multiple bundles of copper pairs. The overall maintenance levels of this solution are lower and the materials themselves are more resilient, minimising the chance of downtime or the need for regular repairs. Should one of the copper cables break the entire service is not lost; it proportionally reduces in speed. Alerts are sent to the managed service desk for the fault to be repaired, often before you notice a problem.

Compatible with VoIP, Video and VPN
VoIP, Video and VPN can be sensitive to latency, and a poor broadband connection can result in poor voice quality and buffering issues. EFM offers a solution where these issues will not occur due to the reliable and steady data upload and download speeds, providing essential quality and reliability.

Increased Cost Efficiency
An EFM leased line utilises copper instead of fibre connections meaning that there is no requirement to set down fibre cabling which can improve the price of installation and maintenance.

Easy Installation
Setting up your connection is significantly easier than other Ethernet solutions because EFM uses existing copper infrastructure in its operation. Landlord permission is rarely required and “Civils” (digging up the street) are a thing of the past – therefore providing shorter lead times, with 45 days being typical.

Strong Service Level Agreements
As EFM is an Ethernet based product you will benefit from faults being fixed within guaranteed times – for instance Talk Talk Business guarantee 7 hours.

Other key business benefits:

• Reliable Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
• Innovative deployment
• Dedicated guaranteed bandwidth with future expansion capabilities
• Competitive pricing
• Data is securely transmitted across Carrier’s core and access network

For more information on our EFM capabilities and how it can fit into your business, please contact us on 0800 915 6666 or visit our contact page.