Eazipay Case Study

London and Brighton – SynergyConnect, an international provider of managed network and managed voice services, today announced the completion of a substantial project to move and upgrade the communications infrastructure for Eazipay, as well as provide structured Cat6 data cabling throughout the new head office and apply a managed services contract across all solutions.


Eazipay is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing Direct Debit processing companies with over 20 years industry experience.  Adding value in many ways to its industry leading financial solutions, Eazipay provides an easy to understand ‘flat fee payment system’, a first class facility management service, clearance of funds within just three days as well as dedicated account management to every client - providing unrivalled customer service.  With the head office in Ely, Cambridgeshire, Eazipay supplies bespoke customer services to meet the demands of its clients and its growth is a testament to that.  Data and voice services are critical to Eazipay’s customer service focused approach and the investments made in the upgraded infrastructure for this head office move underpin that continued strategy.


One of SynergyConnect’s lead consultants and Directors, Chris Penny, sat down with Luisa Grey, Director at Eazipay, to review the business strategy over the next 12-36 months as well as the future plans for where the business wants to be in five and ten years.  Eazipay had outgrown its previous location as well as a number of its communication services and needed some independent advice on the best way forwards regarding the IP network, IT & telephony.


As Luisa knows, staying ahead of the competition is also about staying ahead with technology.


Eazipay was only a year into its five year BTNet internet circuit contract and so it was not possible to break that contract and ‘go to market’.  However, using SynergyConnect’s partnership with BT Business, in-house managed services and niche monitoring support partners, Eazipay was able to move, upgrade bandwidth, receive greater monitoring, management and support of the internet access and reduce its spend on the BTNet internet circuit - all without suffering any early termination charges (ETCs) from BT.


Eazipay has been a customer of SynergyConnect for over 10 years for legacy telephone ‘calls and lines’ services but this planned upgrade of fibre internet connectivity meant that Eazipay could also benefit from an upgrade in telephony architecture.  Having been providing IP telephony services since 2004, SynergyConnect’s highly experienced technicians, engineers, provisioning, project management and support staff were able to upgrade Eazipay’s legacy digital ISDN & analogue PSTN lines to SIP trunks utilising another well-established partnership, with BT Wholesale.


Being vendor-agnostic also allowed SynergyConnect to understand Eazipay’s telephony requirements, taking into account both the current status following recent growth and allowing scalability for the planned continued expansion over the next five years.  An Avaya IP Office telephone system was identified as the best way forward for Eazipay, backed by a five-year managed services agreement which will provide proactive support services for Eazipay’s IP network and voice estate.


“We were seeing a great demand for faster Direct Debit processing as well as clients wanting us to maintain our high levels of customer communication,” said Luisa. “We knew we needed to improve on this if we wanted to really establish our position in this space – the question was ‘how and at what cost’.”


“Our primary goal was supporting existing customers whilst also managing our growth demands so we needed to accommodate carefully increased numbers of risk managers, administrators, and account management staff,” added Luisa.


In addition, after a less than satisfactory experience with previous managed service providers and dealing with the ‘big beasts’ direct, Eazipay was also very specific about its service requirements for the new network.


“We’re a customer facing operation and we live and die by our comms lines,” said Luisa. “If our comms lines go down we can’t process Direct Debits because everything is central.  We understand that the system won’t be up 100 percent of the time but for that 0.1 percent that it’s down we need to know we will get a quick response and resolution.”


“When I signed up with BT for our IP network I felt more comfortable going with a branded name.  They have the largest network across the UK,” said Luisa. “The concern I had with BT and the other big companies was that they wouldn’t know our network. They couldn’t give us a personal touch.”


Fortunately SynergyConnect’s partnership with BT was the answer, a small UK-based, independent collection of experienced consultants and managed services provider with decades of experience in implementing and managing IP & voice networks.


Satisfied that SynergyConnect could deliver the best solution for its business Eazipay made a decision to move forward with the project.


The new solution comprises; an upgraded IP network based on BT’s 21CN BTNet Ethernet technology, Avaya IP Office telephony, BT’s MeetMe audio conferencing solution, full Cat6 data cabling throughout, upgraded local area network (LAN) infrastructure, WiFi and wireless LAN across all offices and communal areas - all project managed, delivered and installed by SynergyConnect’s onsite systems & network engineers both in-hours and out-of-hours to ensure a smooth and controlled cutover during the physical move, all whilst not impeding on Eazipay’s requirement to continue with processing customer payments through to 7pm on the Friday evening.  SynergyConnect’s managed services team are providing a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for moves, adds and changes on the network and IP telephony architecture, along with granular monitoring and helpdesk support.


“What I like about SynergyConnect is there’s a lot of flexibility in its approach to solving maintenance problems,” said Luisa. “Working with a small team like SynergyConnect is a plus point as quite quickly they know our setup. When I call SynergyConnect, the person I’m dealing with is likely to be the person who deals with the problem directly.”


“As a small company, we wouldn’t have the direct feed that SynergyConnect has into major companies like BT and Avaya.  SynergyConnect has the authority to raise incidents and talk directly to the carrier or manufacturers engineers – that means we get a faster resolution to any issues that we have which, in turn, allows us to deliver a better service to our customers,” said Luisa.


"For many businesses that run a client-facing business such as Eazipay, good customer service is often vital for survival,” said Chris Penny, Director at SynergyConnect. “The difficulty for smaller companies is getting that independent advice and quality of service with the branded technology of a trusted provider.  We believe that the SynergyConnect model provides a great solution for clients like Eazipay because it gives them the independent advice, enterprise technology and custom service wrap they want at a price they can afford.” - See more at: http://www.synergyconnect.net

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