Welcome To SynergyGroup


Welcome to SynergyGroup

As a trusted provider, SynergyPlus offer innovative multi-sourcing arrangements to our business clients across a wide range of communication/technology products and services using years of practical experience to assist client’s long term business strategies.

Our approach is simple; SynergyPlus take a pragmatic approach by assessing and understanding what you are currently using and how well that is aligned to your business strategy whereas other companies purely focus on cost reduction at the expense of productivity. As a natural by-product you will make savings, but more importantly you will be laying the foundations for a more resilient, stable, infrastructure in the long-term.

We will work jointly with you to create an approach where technology not only supports the business but also underpins and contributes to the success and growth of your organisation.

SynergyPlus are passionate in providing our clients with a suite of products and services that are aligned with each other resulting in streamlined processes and leveraged discounts across multiple aspects of your supply chain.

Simplification, process, transparency and most importantly communication, are the hallmarks of our delivery.

The fact that 87% of new businesses that SynergyPlus won in 2013 was as a direct result of referral is testament to our pedigree and growing reputation.

If you are interested in having an informal chat around how we can help your business meet its strategic objectives, please call 0800 915 6666 or contact us.

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